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Have worked years in the hospitality industry and I have worked for some top names in the restaurant Industry & venues in New York City and international brands. The pandemic forced to pivot on making money because the Covid-19 directly affected my income.

The current mainstream For best flavor, head to the farmers’ market for peak-season fruit. Infusing is to combine the spirits with fresh ingredients, rather than using Liquors or flavored syrup. I used sliced strawberries,Ginger,lemon, Hot peppers make this infused, but you can also use whole strawberries – the alcohol is strong enough to suck out all the strawberry essence. The process of making Baddass infused is similar to a fun science experiment – for adults. You will see how the color and flavor of the tequila changes from one day to another. I let the tequila infuse for 5 days, but it could also be ready to go in just 4 days. You can taste it after day 4 and decide if it needs another day or if you’re satisfied with the taste.

Extra tropical flavor Since the base of the drink is simple ingredients it goes well with any additions to change it to a more complex cocktail that is still just as refreshing such as flavored Bourbon and ginger adding fruit juices.


Pink dragon fruit not only gives this cocktail it’s delightfully vibrant color but it’s delicious  too. I kept the dragon fruit recipe to 3 ingredients and spirits so you can really taste the dragon fruit and get familiar with it.

Sometimes I find an ingredient so delicious or a concept so exciting that I feel like I’m holding onto a big secret. When I finally get the chance to share these big discoveries with you all, I feel like a giddy little kid on the inside (hands clapping, jumping up and down, rah rah rah!).
Today is one of those days. I’ve discovered the delights of infused Ron colon Coffee rum They’re so good, you guys! And so easy! I was always put off by the waiting time for infusions, but after one sip of my first infused liquor, I realized that infusions are absolutely worth the wait. Infusions allow you to capture the essence of ripe fruit in its prime. Once you’ve made the infusion, you can enjoy it simply, over ice or mixed with club soda and a splash of citrus, or go a step further as JAMDUNG
Frozen lychee blended with rosé wine rum and liquor until smooth. This lychee rosé slushie is the perfect cocktail.

Rum the world Sorrel is the kind of centerpiece that people gather around the moment it leaves the fridge, cracking over ice as it’s poured, its merits debated by family members. Though its strong ginger flavor should shine, sorrel can easily be seasoned to taste—I’ve found that the steeping process, moreso than the spices used to flavor it, is the most important element. It’s not the kind of thing you rush; it should steep at least overnight, or for up to two or three days, before it’s finished with sugar and, optionally, Jamaican over proof white rum.



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